D&D Generator

D&D Generator

Mystic Waffle's Random D&D Dungeon Generator is a web application, forged by AJ, a Human Sorcerer, written in JavaScript. The app implements a procedural generation algorithm to draw Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other RPG maps for your next session. The maps are accompanied by randomly generated room descriptions, doorway connections, and items. The generator can be configured using a number of settings.

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Surviving Mars: Strategy & Tips

Surviving Mars: Strategy & Tips

Surviving Mars is a fantastic real-time strategy and resource management video game. It's a modern Sim City except your mission is to colonize and terraform Mars! Difficulty can be customized for each scenario and a random mystery drives the storyline. It's got full controller support which is hard to come by in a RTS game—which I love because I can enjoy it from the comfort of my couch.

For many scenarios this game can be brutally difficult, which is why I've compiled a short list of strategies and tips that I have learned from hundreds of hours of game-play.

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Single Page D&D 5e Character Sheet

Single Page D&D 5e Character Sheet

Tired of flipping back and forth between multiple sheets to manage your D&D character? Annoyed that your stats, spells, features, equipment, background, etc. are scattered across multiple pages, forcing you to shuffle parchment every time you need to recall or update some small detail?

Introducing the Single Page 5e Character Sheet! This character sheet has space for everything on a one-sided piece of 8 1/2 by 11 inch printer paper. Streamline your game play with your entire character right at your fingertips!

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Witcher 3 Screenshots

Witcher 3 Screenshots

You heard correctly. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was nothing short of an incredible experience. It is absolutely one of the most phenomenal video games I have ever played. Truly, I can't say enough good things about this game. It rivals Oblivion and Skyrim as one of the most expansive and extremely detailed open world games I have ever player.

Witcher 3 has amazing character development, a dynamic atmospheric world, and a story so rich that it entraps you like a great novel. This cinematic experience includes so many details; leaves falling in the wind, critters scurrying around you, and subtly shifting weather. As you grow closer to the amazingly detailed characters, their struggles, and their immaculately crafted unique personalities, you'll get lost in this vast fantasy world.

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D&D 5e Level 14 Adventure: The Legend of the Broke Dragon Slayers

D&D 5e Level 14 Adventure: The Legend of the Broke Dragon Slayers

This one-shot adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5e can be run for 4 or 5 level 12 to level 14 characters (difficulty will vary with number of players, character level, and player experience – Challenge Ratings are based on 5 level 12 characters). You can incorporate this into an ongoing campaign or have the players create new characters especially for this adventure. If new characters are created, each character should have the title “Dragon Slayer” or “Slayer of Dragons,” such as Jessica the Dragon Slayer, or Milo, Slayer of Dragons!

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Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

This Chord Interval Quiz App is designed to help musicians practice, memorize, and quiz themselves on chord intervals. Customize your quize to easy major or minor chords or step it up a notch and include to seventh, diminished, or suspended chords.

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CSV Graphing App

CSV Graphing App

Graph App is a tool for tagging and filtering data points. Data points require a date and an amount which are plotted on the X and Y axis respectively. Points may be assigned an optional type. Data types can be associated to one or many tags, allowing the data set to be grouped and visualized in multiple ways. Tags can be toggled on or off to compare different subsets of data and the data set can be filtered by date ranges.

The app is written in JavaScript, runs in your web browser, and renders an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) visualizer on the fly. Data can be added and edited manually in the app or a CSV (Comma-separated values) file containing the appropriate column headers can be imported. Data sets and tag assignments can also be exported as CSV files for storage and re-imported later. The app and all imported and exported data runs exclusively in your local web browser.

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D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

Ahoy! This guide is for 5th edition D&D character creation and is handy for creating characters in big groups when there is only a single Player's Handbook to pass around. As the DM you can direct your players to this page or print out a copy for each player, then walk the group through the steps of character creation—providing them with all the extra details they'll needed from the Player's Handbook along the way. If you are creating a character on your own, without the guidance of your DM, this guide will provide you with detailed step-by-step directions.

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The Long Dark Survival Tips

The Long Dark Survival Tips

"So... cold..."

Keep dying in The Long Dark? Don't feel bad. I did. Especially after I decided Interloper mode was the perfect challenge for me. I love this game. It is meditative, brutal, beautiful, and addicting. There is only one goal in survival mode. How long can you stay alive? Until your last match? Until a wolf inevitably ambushes you? Or maybe you stumbled on a sleeping bear? It's likely you'll die of exposure to the elements or lack of food or water.

One thing to always remember in The Long Dark is each tiny decision can be critical to life or death. Should you repair a jacket you found to increase your warmth bonus? Or is that time better spent foraging for food? The more you play The Long Dark the better you'll get at identifying the game's subtle and brilliant mechanics, helping you make those tricky decisions.

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Amazing Science Fiction Films You Should Watch

Amazing Science Fiction Films You Should Watch

Make some popcorn and dim the lights before buckling down for another adventure into the great unknown. Will the future be ruled by a tyrant robot lord? Or perhaps a race of ultra advanced humanoids? Don't fret because a lone savior will defend humanity at the cost of personal sacrifice.

Here is a list of my favorite science fiction films. Forget teen boys riding flying bikes with awkward cuddly aliens. I want blood thirsty monsters and seductress doppelgängers! A good science fiction film better have laser gun battles, cryogen space travel, or witty techno-babble.

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Sony Alpha Batteries

Sony Alpha Battery Life Tips

The Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras have notoriously short battery life. This comes with the territory of an incredibly lightweight camera packed with awesome features. Often after a few hours of constant shooing you'll find your battery is completely dead. The good news is that with a few modified settings and an awareness of your battery usage, a single Sony battery can last an entire five day backpack trip. Here are my Sony a7 battery life saving tips, pulled from my personal experience and scavenged from the Internet.

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DIY Planter Box

DIY Planter Box

So you want to build a planter box? Awesome. Gardening is fun and good for your soul. Humans have been growing food for thousands of years, and so can you. You just need a box full of dirt. This guide will point you in the right direction to build a simple planter box that will last for years. The most difficult part will assuredly be getting motivated to drive to the hardware store. So roll up your sleeves, jot down the tools and materials you'll need (listed below), make a trip to the hardware store, and get building.

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Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro E Mount Lens Review

Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro E Mount Lens Review

You probably landed here deep in the process of researching Sony's full frame macro lenses for E Mount cameras. Well kudos to you for researching first because amazing glass ain't cheep. My advice to you is do your due diligence; research all the options and make sure this lens is the perfect lens for you. I did hours and hours of research before pulling the trigger on this sweet baby. The Sony 90mm Macro is an amazing lens and I haven't regretted the purchase for even a second.

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D&D Dungeon Master Screen

AD&D House Rules

Dungeon Masters often weave their own house rules into game play. Unlike almost every other board game, the Dungeon Master's guide actually encourages the DM to tweak, change, add, remove, bypass, or ignore any and every rule in the book they feel has a good reason to be modified. This is the genius behind D&D. It is not restricted by traditional board-game limitations. Here I've collected some of the custom house rules I usually game with.

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AD&D Optional Rules

AD&D Optional Rules

Trying to figure out which optional rules to play with? It can be overwhelming. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comes jam packed with optional rules for customizing the game's mechanics to perfectly fit your group's playing style. AD&D is so flexible that every group I've ever played with has had a slightly different flavor of awesome and offered a fresh experience.

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