28 Days Later

28 Days Later

I just watched 28 Days Later for the second time and it totally rocks! Not only is it as scary as all hell, it is extremely well made, acted, and directed.

Piers Anthony Book Collection

Piers Anthony Book Collection

Piers Anthony novels are an excellent source of fantasy entertainment! They are lighthearted, fun, and easy to read. I have not read them all yet but I will!

Banjo Kazooie Home Screen 100% Completion

Banjo Kazooie 100%

100% completion in Banjo Kazooie done right. Totally fun and a total blast from the past! Notes, Jiggies, Honeycomb, Cheato, and Boss Battle.

Captain Picard Drinking Beer

The Next Generation Drinking Game

Star Trek The Next Generation Drinking Game. Drink every time Picard tugs on his uniform shirt. Drink if the enterprise goes into Red Alert.