Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Greetings adventurers! Tired of the same old character sheets? Frustrated by limited inventory space or those ridiculously tiny text labels? Try my custom hand-drawn grid-paper Dungeons & Dragons 5e Character Sheets with generous space and flexible sections.

Grab the print-ready 5e Character Sheets PDF or click on the 300 dpi JPGs below and start making your character.

  • 5e Spell Caster Character Sheet
  • 5e Equipment & Background Character Sheet
  • 5e Adventure Notes Character Sheet
  • 5e Warrior Character Sheet

In addition to the default spell-caster version of Sheet 1, I've included a non-spell-caster Sheet 1, with plenty of space for your non-spell-based skills and features.

Why custom sheets?

Well, first of all... they were fun to draw. 😂

Secondly, I wanted to try to solve some of the things that I struggle with on the character sheets provided at the end of the Player's Handbook.

I wanted clearly delineated sections for Race Skills and Class Skills. I'm a very organized person and mixing my Race and Class Skills gives me anxiety. You might notice I don't have a separate place for Background Skills. These will either be a standard Skill Proficiency, listed on the left (which I tend to annotate with [ R ] for race, [ C ] for class, and [ B ] for background), or they will be a Tool Proficiency. I note my Tool Proficiencies on Sheet 2 in the Tools Equipment section by putting [ R ], [ C ], or [ B ] next to each tool to indicate where the proficiency came from.

When using the standard character sheets I always find myself wanting extra space for my equipment. The tiny box they give you for equipment is ridiculous. I plan to be picking up and packing around a lot of junk on my adventures. I also enjoy keeping my weapon stats separate from my weapon equipment. If I lose or break one of my weapons I want to be able to remove it from my equipment section without erasing my attack, damage, and range stats—I'll probably be picking up another one as soon as I get a chance.

I've left out spots for Initiative Bonus and Passive Wisdom because they are redundant to other fields. Your Initiative Bonus is your Dexterity Bonus and your Passive Wisdom is ten plus your Perception Skill Bonus.

You might noticed that below the spell slots is a generic box that you can add any label you want to. You can label and use this box for Sorcery Points, Ki Points, once-per-rest abilities, Inspiration, or anything else that is needed. Personally I typically note this type of temporary information, such as spell slots expended, on a piece of scratch paper. On the non-spell-caster sheet I've left the nine vertical boxes unlabeled. You can use these to record ammo, ability charges, expended once-per-rest abilities, death saves, or anything else you find handy.

Thanks for stopping by. If you use these and enjoy them let me know in the comments. Send me a scan of your character using this sheet and maybe I'll post it here. 😀


May 13 2024

Really beautiful work. The simplicity and the precision shows that a lot of thought and care went into creating these. Probably not perfect for all characters, but an excellent inspiration for creating your own. Great job!