D&D Generator

D&D Generator

Dungeon, room, and item generator for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other RPGs.

Witcher 3 Screenshots

Witcher 3 Screenshots

Screenshots from the incredible Witcher 3 video game. This game has stunning visual, rich storylines, and fantastic characters.

Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

An app for musicians to practice chord intervals. Quiz yourself on chord notes from simple major and minor triads to diminished and suspended chords.

Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Dungeons & Dragons 5e character sheets for detailed spell and skill lists, character backgrounds, and a highly organized inventory.

CSV Graphing App

CSV Graphing App

A web-based graphing app for grouping and tagging data points for visual comparison. Import data from a CSV file to get started.

D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition step by step quick start guide for character creation. Follow these steps and get to playing in no time.

The Long Dark Survival Tips

The Long Dark Survival Tips

Long Dark survival tips; how to manage your time, how to conserve food, how to avoid and defend against wolves, and many other essential survival techniques.

Sony Alpha Batteries

Sony Alpha Battery Life Tips

The Sony Alpha cameras have notoriously high battery demands and consequently drain quickly. Here are tips for maximizing battery life on your Sony camera.

DIY Planter Box

DIY Planter Box

Gardening has been hip since the dawn of early human, so get on the bandwagon, build a planter box, and start digging in the dirt.

D&D Dungeon Master Screen

AD&D House Rules

The magic of D&D is that you can make up your own shit! You can modify and add to the core games rules to your heart's desire.

AD&D Optional Rules

AD&D Optional Rules

Every D&D game should be custom tailored to the group, their characters, and the DM's style. Here is my typical combo of AD&D optional rules.

D&D Dungeon Trap Ideas

D&D Dungeon Trap Ideas

A good Dungeons & Dragons adventure needs good dungeon traps! Here are just a few trap ideas I quickly sketched to get your dungeon master thinkers workin.

Awesome Movies With Sword Fighting

Awesome Movies With Sword Fighting

I love movies and I love sword fighting. If you are the same and haven't seen all the films on this list, do yourself a favor and give them a watch.

Legacy MTG Booster Packs

Legacy MTG Draft

Once again I could not resist the urge to buy a slew of legacy Magic The Gathering booster packs and bust them open with some close friends!

Cursed Helmet

D&D Campaign: The Cursed Helmet

The Cursed Helmet is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I have been making up on-th-fly for a few years while serving as Dungeon Master with some friends.

D&D Quest Ideas

D&D Quest Ideas

Hold onto your butts and get ready for some rip-roaring, fire-breathing, ass kicking, Dungeons & Dragons! Need some D&D adventure ideas? Look no further!

Sony a7ii Accessories and Lenses

Sony a7 Accessories

I love my Sony a7 and if you have one, I bet you do too. A full frame mirrorless camera in a sleek lightweight body. Here are some essential accessories.

Old School Magic The Gathering Deck Boxes

Old School Magic The Gathering Decks

A bunch of my old school Magic The Gathering decks! Most of the cards here are pre-rarity symbol editions, from before the Exodus edition that came out in 1998.

Homemade The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Coasters

How To Make Coasters

Simple and easy to follow step by step instructions for making your own custom table coasters.

Book Case

Book List

This is a list of almost every book I have ever read. Mostly fantasy and science fiction because that is what I enjoy the most.

D&D World Map

How To Draw D&D World Maps

Want some tips on making awesome Dungeons and Dragons maps that your players will love? Checkout this article on drawing D&D maps!

Comic Book Collection

My Top Five Favorite Comic Books

Have a look at my personal top five comic books. These are not necessarily the best comics, just some of my personal favorites. I highly recommend them all.

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor Review

Shaodw of Mordor was sick! Awesome battles, great story, insane cut scenes, you name it! I got 100% on it and loved every minute.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later

I just watched 28 Days Later for the second time and it totally rocks! Not only is it as scary as all hell, it is extremely well made, acted, and directed.

Piers Anthony Book Collection

Piers Anthony Book Collection

Piers Anthony novels are an excellent source of fantasy entertainment! They are lighthearted, fun, and easy to read. I have not read them all yet but I will!

Banjo Kazooie Home Screen 100% Completion

Banjo Kazooie 100%

100% completion in Banjo Kazooie done right. Totally fun and a total blast from the past! Notes, Jiggies, Honeycomb, Cheato, and Boss Battle.

Captain Picard Drinking Beer

The Next Generation Drinking Game

Star Trek The Next Generation Drinking Game. Drink every time Picard tugs on his uniform shirt. Drink if the enterprise goes into Red Alert.

Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom is extremely... well, badass! with a side order of nerd fantasy role playing goodness.



I loved Pandorum despite all of its defects. What it lacks in special effects and acting, it makes up for in storyline and sheer awesomeness.