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D&D Generator

Mystic Waffle's Random D&D Dungeon Generator is a web application, forged by AJ, a Human Sorcerer, written in JavaScript. The app implements a procedural generation algorithm to draw Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other RPG maps for your next session. The maps are accompanied by randomly generated room descriptions, doorway connections, and items. The generator can be configured using a number of settings.

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This D&D generator is a work in progress and is currently in v1 Alpha. I'm working on a new build, v2 Beta, which will resolve a a few deficiencies in the original architecture and add a significant number of features and customization controls. Stay tuned!

The D&D generator currently has three main features: generating dungeon maps, dungeon rooms, and items. Maps are populated by rooms, and rooms are filled with items. I have future plans to add encounter, name, and NPC generators, multi-level dungeons, and lots more. The release notes document the app's evolution.

Screenshot of a D&D dungeon generator web application
D&D Dungeon Generator

Map Generator

The Dungeon Map Generator procedurally generates and places rooms, hallways, and connections on a grid to draw a map. Room descriptions, traps, doorways, and items are randomly assigned to each room based on probability tables for rarity, condition, and quantity.

Keys for any locked doors are distributed throughout the rooms. Concealed and secret passageways sometimes separate rooms. Dungeon maps can be hidden in the rooms, mixed with the dungeon's loot, for a lucky adventurer to pick up.

Screenshot of a D&D dungeon map generator
Map Generator

Room Generator

The Rooms Generator generates one or many rooms of varying types, such as a wizard's laboratory, a shrine room, or an armory, to name just a few. Rooms are populated with items and furniture from sparse to lavish and may be in exquisite to deteriorating condition.

Future plans include adding item type "affinity" so, for example, an armory is more likely to have weapons, a kitchen to have food and culinary knives.

Screen shot of a D&D dungeon room generator
Room Generator

Item Generator

The Items Generator prints out all types of loot! From tavern grub to mystical objects of randomized conditions, type, and rarity.

Future plans include adding potions and magical items and giving creators the ability to fine-tune distribution tables for better control over treasure rarity and abundance.

Screen shot of a D&D dungeon item generator
Map Generator

Evolution Of Mystic Waffle's Dungeon Generator

It's winter in 2019 I am stuck at the in-laws; so I'm challenging myself to program a procedurally generated game map. JavaScript sounds like a good choice, plus that way anyone can run the app in a web browser.

Release notes and screen shots of the app's evolution can be seen on the release notes page. The generator has come a long way, but has a longer way to go still. If you like the app or have constructive feedback please leave a comment below.