D&D Generator

D&D Generator

Dungeon, room, and item generator for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other RPGs.

Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Hand Drawn 5e Character Sheets

Dungeons & Dragons 5e character sheets for detailed spell and skill lists, character backgrounds, and a highly organized inventory.

D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

D&D 5e Character Creation Guide

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition step by step quick start guide for character creation. Follow these steps and get to playing in no time.

D&D Dungeon Master Screen

AD&D House Rules

The magic of D&D is that you can make up your own shit! You can modify and add to the core games rules to your heart's desire.

AD&D Optional Rules

AD&D Optional Rules

Every D&D game should be custom tailored to the group, their characters, and the DM's style. Here is my typical combo of AD&D optional rules.

D&D Dungeon Trap Ideas

D&D Dungeon Trap Ideas

A good Dungeons & Dragons adventure needs good dungeon traps! Here are just a few trap ideas I quickly sketched to get your dungeon master thinkers workin.

Cursed Helmet

D&D Campaign: The Cursed Helmet

The Cursed Helmet is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I have been making up on-th-fly for a few years while serving as Dungeon Master with some friends.

D&D Quest Ideas

D&D Quest Ideas

Hold onto your butts and get ready for some rip-roaring, fire-breathing, ass kicking, Dungeons & Dragons! Need some D&D adventure ideas? Look no further!

D&D World Map

How To Draw D&D World Maps

Want some tips on making awesome Dungeons and Dragons maps that your players will love? Checkout this article on drawing D&D maps!