Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

Musical Chord Interval Quiz App

This Chord Interval Quiz App is designed to help musicians practice, memorize, and quiz themselves on chord intervals. Customize your quize to easy major or minor chords or step it up a notch and include to seventh, diminished, or suspended chords.

Launch The Chord Interval Quiz App

How Does It Work?

Select A Quiz

To start select one or more note modifiers, including naturals, flats, and sharps. Next combine the modifiers with one or more chord qualities, such as major, minor, diminished, etc.

Selecting a chord quiz

Quiz Yourself

The chords will be randomized and presented to you one at a time. Enter the notes, including any sharps or flats, for each chord then click Submit.

Chord interval quiz question

Correct notes will be highlighted in green and incorrect notes will be highlighted in red. If you made a mistake, clear the selection and try again.

Chord interval quiz question

Once the correct notes are entered you'll see them all highlighted in green for a second before automatically being moved onto the next chord.

Chord interval quiz question

Quizzes On The Go

Works great on your smart phone too!

Chord Interval Quiz App on the phone

Ideas For Future Additions

Some fun future additions to this app might include:

  • Track number of times an incorrect answer is entered and show a score or grade at the end.
  • An option to automatically continue after an incorrect answer, with a score or grade at the end.
  • Track the amount of time it takes to complete the quiz and maintain a "high scores" chart.
  • Additional chords types.
  • Scale quizzes.

If you like the app and would like to see any of these additions, or have a brilliant idea for an addition, let me know in the comments!