Single Page D&D 5e Character Sheet

Single Page D&D 5e Character Sheet

Tired of flipping back and forth between multiple sheets to manage your D&D character? Annoyed that your stats, spells, features, equipment, background, etc, are scattered across multiple pages, forcing you to shuffle parchment every time you need to recall or update some small detail?

Introducing the single page 5e character sheet. This character sheet has space for everything on a one-sided piece of 8 1/2 by 11 inch printer paper. Streamline your game play with everything you need right at your fingertips!

A word of warning though, this character sheet is not for people with large handwriting. To use this sheet effectively you'll have to write really, really small. I recommend using a 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

I tried to make plenty of space for spells and features, equipment, and lots of flexible checkboxes (the little circles) for keeping track of skill points, spell slots, prepared spells, magical chargers, and abilities.

Here is the character sheet in a printer friendly PDF format, or use the 300 dpi JPG below.

5e Single Sheet Character Sheet

I love having everything on one streamlined sheet. Fitting everything in is also a fun challenge. Let me know if you found this character sheet useful or if you'd like to see any modifications or additions squeezed in.

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