Captain Picard Drinking Beer

The Next Generation Drinking Game

Alright all you Star Trek fans. Here is a really fun Next Generation drinking game. Get all you friends together, grab a drink, pop on an episode of TNG and let the good times roll.

Select a random episode to watch with the TNG Random Episode Generator.


When each item on the list happens take a shot, swig your beer, or sip some wine. Your choice, but drink responsibly! You can get buzzed quick following these rules – Mystic Waffle is not responsible for the consequences 🙂

  1. Picard tugs on his uniform shirt
  2. The turbo lift ride is the same length as the conversation
  3. Deanna Troi senses something
  4. Worf says "nine"
  5. The crew picks up a distress signal
  6. Picard asks the replicator for Earl Grey Tea
  7. The Enterprises goes on Red Alert!
  8. Geordi takes his visor off
  9. Doctor Crusher uses a tricorder
  10. Captain Picard says "engage" or "make it so"
  11. Data emulates human behavior or emotion
  12. Picard says "on screen"
  13. Drink if Whoopi Goldberg appears in the episode
  14. Someone goes into the holodeck
  15. Worf mentions Klingon honor
  16. The star date ends with a 2 or a 9
  17. O'Brien says "beam" or "transport"
  18. Drink anytime anyone other than Picard records a crew log
  19. William Riker gets some - you know what we mean :)
  20. Every time they play cards
  21. And the final rules is: You have to add at least 1 rule every time you play!

Suggest more rules in the comments. Cheers.