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My Top Five Favorite Comic Books

Looking for some good comic books to read? Here are my top five favorite comic books and graphic novels. Keep in mind that I haven't read all the comic books and graphic novels in the world – so this isn't a "best comic books ever" guide or anything. This is just a few of my favorites that I have been lucky enough to own or borrow.

Deadpool with a chainsaw

#5 Deadpool: The Complete Collection - Volume 1

This book is totally awesome! I especially like how this book is a compilation of the different appearances that Deadpool makes in other superhero's story lines, yet from the combination of each, a new story of its own arises. Consequentially this comic features many different artists and writers so you get to experience a variety of awesomeness in high quality glossy goodness.

Deadpool: The Complete Collection - Volume 1 (2013) has amazing artwork, silly situations, and is a unique superhero experience (if you can call this vigilante merc a superhero). Give this one a read and you're in for a special treat. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Rorschach escaping with hairspray napalm

#4 Watchmen

Many have delved deep into the universe of Alan More and Dave Gibbons' masterpiece: Watchmen (1987). Honestly Watchmen wasn't was I was expecting, at all. But what I found was profoundly amazing, deep, and transcended all expectations. I think I'm due for another read soon and I'm sure I will take away more the second time around. After finishing it I remember immediately thinking that there was a lot more going on here than what's on the surface. I took my time to thinking about the concepts in Watchmen and really tried to take in the artwork – but ultimately one read was insufficient to truly grasp all this comic has to offer. Watchmen was slower than I expected, with less action that I'm used to in a comic – but that said, I think it was decently paced and definitely had its moments. I highly recommend reading Watchmen if you haven't already.

Batman riding a black mare

#3 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This is the very first graphic novel I ever read. I was in high school and I talked my friend into letting me barrow it with a plethora of promises that I wouldn't damage it. The author, Frank Miller, has really created a masterpiece with Dark Knight Returns (1986). This book in particular got me into Batman and the dark side that surrounds his character. In The Dark Knight Returns Batman has retired and Gotham has receded back into chaos and disorder. Ten years after Batman's mysterious disappearance from Gotham he re-appears to kick some serious ass and once again save the city.

Batman rising from smoke

#2 Batman: Year One

Where The Dark Knight Returns features an experienced yet tired old Batman, Year One (1986) is the complete opposite. Also by Frank Miller and in collaboration with David Mazzucchelli, Year One is an amazing version of Batman's origin story. I really love this comic. It stays true to the original Batman story but gives us new insight into how Batman came to be, depicting a young struggling vigilante, Bruce Wayne. Bruce's character development in Year One is awesome as we see him slowly evolve into the dark superhero we all know and love.

Thorn finds Fone Bone in the woods

#1 Bone

Bone (2004) by Jeff Smith is much different from your average superhero epic. Its got something going for it that very few other graphic novels have. The story and its characters are lovable and unique. This is by far my favorite comic book and I have read it several times. Fone Bone, Thorn, and the fantasy that surrounds them is truly a magical story, saturated with good humor, dragons, rat creatures, and silly little gnome-like-guys called bones. The high contrast black and white artwork fits Bone's mood perfectly and the story is pure fun – from Grandma Ben's cow race to the rat creature who constantly fantasizes about baking their prey into a quiche. Bone will always be one of my favorite comics and will always leave me with happy feelings.