Witcher 3 Screenshots

Witcher 3 Screenshots

Screenshots from the incredible Witcher 3 video game. This game has stunning visual, rich storylines, and fantastic characters.

The Long Dark Survival Tips

The Long Dark Survival Tips

Long Dark survival tips; how to manage your time, how to conserve food, how to avoid and defend against wolves, and many other essential survival techniques.

Homemade The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Coasters

How To Make Coasters

Simple and easy to follow step by step instructions for making your own custom table coasters.

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor Review

Shaodw of Mordor was sick! Awesome battles, great story, insane cut scenes, you name it! I got 100% on it and loved every minute.

Banjo Kazooie Home Screen 100% Completion

Banjo Kazooie 100%

100% completion in Banjo Kazooie done right. Totally fun and a total blast from the past! Notes, Jiggies, Honeycomb, Cheato, and Boss Battle.